Wednesday, March 31, 2021

NaPoWriMo 2021 - March 31, 2021


The NaPoWriMo early bird first prompt invites us to find a painting or artifact in a museum and write a poem about it. I am studying a play in my August Wilson group, The Piano Lesson, that is based on a painting/collage of the same name by Romare Bearden. Perfect timing!

I will post a screen shot of the painting, followed by a poem, the first of NaPoWriMo2021!

Romare Bearden – The Piano Lesson, 1984

The black mirror attracts my inspection –
A scaled representation of the whole.
The wooden metronome in its foreground
Reminds one of rhythm and time’s passage,
The pendulum’s swing until the winding
Dies. The young girl, black like the mirror, plays
As her mother directs. The mother’s face,
More blue than black, leans in attentively.
A non-flowering plant rests in a vase.
A paintbrush seems out of place. It could be
A missing conductor’s baton. The sun
Bursts through the window as a slight breeze blows
The curtains askew. A ceiling lamp and
A table lamp compete to light the room.

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