Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natural Forces, or, Notes to a Former Lover

Guine-Bissau is a land of sudden change:
High tide rolls in and out within minutes;

There is no dusk, no reflective moments
between daylight and darkness;

The dry dusty season follows quickly
on the heels of the rains and floods,
as if one can't wait for the other to get out of town;

The calm coolness of winter begins
while the heat and humidity of summer
are still there with us......

When you leave, roll out like high tide,
dramatically, instantaneously,
leaving my beach bare, exposed and muddy;

May your departure be as brief an interlude
as the fleeting dusky twilight between
afternoon and nightfall;

Let the rains of tears you brought me evaporate,
instantly, in the rapidly approaching,
dry sun-scorching drought and
coolness of dawn,

The temperature of my passion dissipating
while the heat of your madness yet remains.

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