Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poem for Rhia Walton

(Rhia died way too soon. I miss her, I miss our conversations, the letters we exchanged. I deeply regret not having expressed to her, while she was alive, how much she meant to me. There is an old Portuguese saying which translates "Death has no remediation.")

Each time I pass through Richmond I feel your presence,

More strongly than I ever did when

You were here with us,

Sharing with us our laughter, tears and fears.

Your departure was so sudden, so unexpected,

So tragic. We miss you terribly and

We've exhausted all attempts to fill the vacuum

That your withdrawal has created

In our hearts and in our conversations.

My love for you was a helpless infant

That, orphaned, must now fend for itself.

From time to time I intuitively feel that

Some quality in my life is conspicuously absent.

I know what is missing is you.


  1. Raymond, I knew Rhia in 1979 when we were in boot camp together. Something made me think of her and search for her name today, and I found this. From what I can see it appears she passed away in 1984, when we both would have been on active duty. She was so young! Can you tell me anything about the circumstances of her death?

    Kathy Cannon

  2. Hi Kathy: I spoke with Carole Davis shortly after the motorcycle accident that took Rhia's life. I saw Carole in the late 80's but lost touch in the intervening years. So sorry it took me over a year to get back to you.