Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ode to "of"

of a proportionate depth of insight
of a thousand heartbreaks
of awe and dread;
Of chance and happenstance and foiled romance.
Of eager reception…
Of everyday travail, I take a pause
Of expectancy
of having made love to you...
Of life once vibrant, cocksure, confident.
Of love was sweet and tender, not the salt
Of morals will sustain us…
Of my affection,
Of my dedication.
Of my devotion,
Of one who loved and lost
of passioned pursuit.
Of poets who still sing the sonnet’s song.
Of sadness at the thought of those who've missed
of society.
of strength,
of love the gods bequeathed to gods
Of talents borrowed from the Muse of song and word and deed
of tender feelings unexpressed
Of the burning desire
Of the coming of the hour.
Of the earnest enthusiasm
Of the goal. There're happy ones who feel the tinge
of the internal forces which
Of the silent longing
Of the verses that we write,
Of time.  Friendships and associations
of zero and unity.


      1. Ray, I've never seen better use made of "of." So pleased to have met you "live." Onward we go!

      2. I'm in awe of your poetry. Your poetry inspires me to keep writing mine. This one is a favorite!