Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why I Am Not a Sculptor

If I were a sculptor
I'd carve in stone
The face of my beloved

I'd sand the surface
Of the stone
To smooth perfection

Because art should represent life
As it is, and as
It ought to be

But I digress
At a moment when discipline
And precision are most required…

I'd chisel her perfectly
Centered nose, on her perfectly
Symmetrical face

With care and concentration
I'd reproduce the mystic
Contours of her forehead

I'd round out her chin
And save her lips
For last

Then I'd compare
Her sculptured features
To my own

A grotesque genetic mixture
Of master and slave
Of Native and Negro

My weathered face
Overexposed and
Burned to a deep hue

I'd ask her:
Is black still beautiful
My African queen?

My Goddess of the Nile? 
Or has that fashion changed,
That style gone out of style?

But I digress again - 
I am not a sculptor
I am a poet

And these words are
All I have to preserve
In time, for time,
The beauty of my beloved

The sacrificial lamb

The sacrificial lamb
accrues a certain
amount of honor
from the flock 
and achieves
a sort of 

Those who are 
to the slaughter have
a most ignoble 
and forgotten 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

some verse I found cleaning out old files...

Thought was born blind
but Thought knows what it is seeing -
in broad daylight even the sounds shine
I listen without looking and so I see...

somewhere, some time in the 1990's

Sunday, December 9, 2012

High school poems - Summer, 1973

Notes from Governor’s School (the Winston-Salem series)

Part 1.

Area One –
propaganda about my
special interests
to narrow my mind
to close my eyes
to limit my perspective

Area Three –
“take a stroll through
your mind,
do you believe what you find?
do you find it at all?
do you find any of it?
can you cope with your
your talentedness?

Area Two –
to assimilate 20th century ideas
(little do they realize the 20th century is 73 years old)
to replace outmoded values with spanking fresh
20th century ones
(little do they realize the 20th century has only 23 years
until it is outmoded itself)
to integrate Area 1 with Area 3 and
completely blow your mind.

Part 2. 

hypnosis is a state of mind –
as is Governor’s School –
a figment of the imagination
but a pigment of the realization
that everything is relative –
relative to the concrete &
relative to the abstract &
relative to the irrelevant.

The contemporary view of everything
is merely, vaguely, related
to everything’s reality.
the influence of Freud is sharply
detrimental to the social fabric
of society.
His mother didn’t even care.

western philosophy/psychology –
the reasons they season for their deviation
from the right path –
to ease their conscience –
to motivate their evil intentions –
to justify their crimes on humanity.

I dream. is it related to my to my
subconscious being? or is it because
I ate too much cauliflower the night
before? or does cauliflower activate
my deep, dark subconsciousness?

The relevance of Freud is quite relative.

Part 3. 

I need another symbol.
Something to reflect my thoughts,
My essence, my being.

Circles are running out,
Getting tired, ruining
My creativity.

Now I am worried.
Everything is converging.

I am ambivalent -
Gifted and/or talented.

Part 4. 

a descriptive analysis (for GAD)

the personification of reality
the embodiment of natural nature
the epitome of truth

an oasis of self in a selfless society
a universal constant in a constantly changing world
a place of refuge in an illusionary universe

predictable, mysterious,
unyielding, compromising,

Part 5.

For Lynne

The peace be unto you.
An instant friendship.
The Asiatic air
The eastern atmosphere
The mongolian strain
The oriental beauty
First attracted me.

All praise is due to God, Lord of all the Worlds.
For helping us over the rough terrain
In our search for understanding…
For delving into our being
While simultaneously remaining detached…
For showing us our true selves,
Our potential and our imperfections.

God alone is great!
And who is the least among us?
And what constitutes equality
When we are all equally striving
To attain the final, greatest goal?

And guide us into our completion…
And rid us of our disillusionment…
And reveal to us the ultimate truth…


Part 6. 

Her beauty was her radiance –
Exceeding all limits,
Approaching perfection.

The thought of her –
Sweet pleasure to the senses,
Exaltation of the mind,
Ecstasy to the spirit.

Cherish … connotes
A deep-seated,
Often irrational attachment.”

An often irrational attachment –
A bond of understanding,
A union in mentality,
A covenant, everlasting.

Part 7. 

insecurity is the order of the day
uncertainty is commonplace
corwardice is not unusual
everyone is fearful, talkative,
active and reactive,
inquisitive and vainly positive,
refusing to acknowledge the negative
even when it is neither derivative nor dependent
but exists necessarily…
a potential renaissance –
smoldering in its own ashes…
committing suicide and self-destruction,
when self-preservation is the
first law of nature…

and what shall we say of nature…
or of sacrifice, or of patience,
or of suffering, or of tribulation,
or of compassion, or of fidelity,
or of righteousness, or of justice…
or of nature…

July-September 1973