Friday, January 4, 2013

ModPo Week Seven

Dear Lord:
I know you only exist
inside my head -
And you only have a presence
inside my soul -

I know you don't live
Around the corner at Western Presbyterian
Or across the street at St. Mary's Episcopal
Or twenty-three blocks away on Capitol Hill…

But it is good to have you around
now and then,
to take the blame,
to absorb the praise…

A cat named Jesus
walked the earth
turned some water into wine
fed a big crowd with a few loaves of bread
showed some dudes how to catch fish
and become fishers of men…

But the government killed him,
Just like it killed Martin…
like it killed Malcolm…
like it killed Medgar…

The government can kill
whoever it wants
whenever it wants
'cause they don't buy that
"thou shalt not kill" bullshit...

One more thing 
before I let you go, Lord.
Maybe two more things:

Look, Lord,
I'm not talking to you today
because I want or need a heaven,
or a homeland, or a nirvana,
or any other type of guarantee
that people claim they get from you…

Because I know,
you only exist
inside my head -
And you only live
inside my soul -
And any other representation
of you is a big con game
run by