Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunday Morning Mixtape 1/6/13

French-pressed coffee,
Rich, frothy foam on top,
Thick black sludge on the bottom -
Bitter black sludge I love to swallow;

And to think I used to leave it
in the bottom of the cup,
or collecting in the bottom of the pot
and ending up in the garbage
or down the sink…

                   Who is this matador?
                   Tell me his name,
                   Show me her face,
                   Take off that mask,
                   You pathetic two-faced bastard!

Went to the factory this morning 
to clean out my old computer. 
Passwords, favorites, browsing history
And such, autofill, cookies, cache.

Everything had to go. 
Bye-bye.  See ya.  Ciao, baby.

Wouldn’t want the next one
Fooling around in my shit,
you know.  You know?

                   Still can't figure out the name
                   or the scent of that 
                   two-faced matador...

Why you playing hard ball, baby?
Life is too short to make it
so complicated. 


  1. I like it. Sounds like an ADD moment, but it's pretty cool.

  2. Ray this is pretty interesting. "browsing history
    And such, autofill, cookies, cache" Neat!
    "you know":)

  3. Nice, Ray. I can see you trying to keep that gorgeous Sunday morning feeling while pushing back on thoughts of the work crap.