Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sonnet #41: A Valentine's Day Poem for Filomena

I tried and tried to make it fit within     
the sonnet's form.  But the words resisted,     
and the thoughts rebelled, and the energy     
contained inside the thoughts, inside the words     
sprung forth and said, "Hell no!"     
So here's the simple truth:  When we're apart    
I cannot sleep.  For days on end I'm just      
a wreck.  Dark rings surround my eyes.  Edgi-   
Ness.  A suffix added to an adjective   
that makes it a noun, a name that describes   
and defines a state of being.  My state    
of being.  A person can die from sleep   
deprivation.  You know that already.   
Don't let me pass another sleepless night.    

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