Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday thoughts

I did a close read of Rachel Jeantel's remarks last night and I found her words to be, actually, quite profound.

"The Jury,
they old.
That's old school people.

(not a jury of Zimmerman's peers, and especially not a jury of Martin's peers and he is the one who is actually on trial here. The jury members have an old, antiquated way of thinking that defies logic or reason, an old, defective school of ignorance and division and false attribution)

We in a new school.
Our generation."

(there is a marked generational divide that has nothing to do with old divisions like race, gender, national origin, or even educational level. The new school is the one that will solve the problems of the old because the old school has run out of ideas. The new generation has solutions, and if we allow them, they will save us as well.)

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