Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rainy Night in Foggy Bottom

Rainy Night in Foggy Bottom

When it rains all night in Foggy Bottom
you can smell the swamp beneath us - 
the old rotted tree roots, the tadpoles,
the water moccasins skimming - 

The swamp is only ever ten feet away –
and all that separates us is asphalt,
and gas and water pipes,
and underground telephone lines.

It’s pitch black down there –
dark from lack of light,
black as a night without stars –
even the water is black.

The level of the swamp rises
as our own level imperceptibly falls,
both at an accelerating rate –
soon we will be together.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What the H--- Happened in Washington, DC? (a postcard poem)

a distressed driver
takes a wrong turn,
turning in a strange,
over-militarized city -
overturned and shutdown
and upside-down -
a fallen town -
and she panics...

did she really have to die?
and what was her sin?
her capital punishment
crime? Capital crime
in the capitol?

and which politician gave
the "shoot to kill"
order?  shoot to kill?

and why?

and who/what
have we all become?

"southern trees
bear strange fruit" -
and my soul is spinning
at 78 rpm.

please tell me again
why she had to die?