Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poems by ModPo'ers: Megan Worrell-Lupton


Modern & Contemporary American Poetry
                        Anti Modern
                       Green glass
                     We are the grass
                     Mending the Wall
                    Cut up into pieces
               and scattered on the floor
                         on the Page
                         In my hand
13 Ways to connect with Toronto, Ecuador, Hawaii, Sydney,
Israel, San Fran, South Carolina, Connecticut, Philadelphia-
                 etc etc etc etc Etc etc
            In wild room dancing to 12 tones
                   and in this moment
                    this is the moment

                         the Poem...

                    To lift Kelly's cup
          and sip together-to another year of

                  And Let the Splinter

From the beautiful mountains of North Carolina,
Love and Many Blessings,
I'll see you in the forums
and again next year. Until we re-open the present....

-Megan L. Worrell-Lupton

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