Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bonus: "if"

if accurate, we hit the mark,
If deer could speak
If Grandma Lena were here today,
if I am early or late …
if I could write a song of love
If I were a sculptor
if I were you – the dictionary –
If only I could rap to you
If reading sonnets opens up your vision,
If so, then they will die for you,
If so, then you will die for him,
If the goals we set are true.
if their internal energies allow it –
If there was a command out of order
If this continues through the night
If we choose
if we could only find the entrance…
if you don’t cook it right…”
If you don’t, we won’t like it. And you won’t like it either."
if you want me to –

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