Monday, November 3, 2014


So, in observance of aleatory poetry week at ModPo, I am blogging on a different site lines of poetry starting with the preposition "to," but on the flip side, the preposition "from" is also interesting.  Here is a list of "from" lines:

from 88five to 103five
From a dark and distant past
From a distant shore
from a market in Afghanistan
from a pure source.
from a state of bondage
from complex reality   
from deep within
from fear of things we don’t know
from feeling the fear they already bought
from her brown-green pods
From hoping that this dream will soon come true.
from inside the nested circles
from leaving
from mechanical mosquitos 
from my childhood
from my heart is all my fault.
from North Carolina
from one end of the line
From our loved ones.
From places strange, from shores untold.
from Songwriting, another Coursera
from that magical place 
from that office the next time 
from the far side 
from the flock and
from the neck up
from the outside crass
from the realm of nothingness
from the right path 
From the Shenandoah
from the Strategic Studies Masters program
from the swamp below 
from the waist down
From this latest dusk we begin
From time to time he visits
From time to time I feel
from time to time, like water
from total triple darkness 
From troubles, closer still to hopes ideal.
From two to ten.
from walking too long 
From what we sense and feel and know to be
From which to understand
from yesterday’s yesterdays
From you I understand loyalty
from you